Friday, July 18, 2014

Alexa's Angels Positivity Bracelet Review

Disclosure: I was provided this item at no charge. However, all opinions presented are my own.

I love bracelets. I have quite a collection of them - silver, jeweled, bangles, and charm bracelets. I always have something on my wrists, and usually something on both. I'm the type of person to wear my ponytail hair ties on my wrists as my own personal fashion statement ☺

But what I really like are bracelets with a message. They're always with me, and I can look down throughout the day and see it and remember. Some of my favorite bracelets are special to me because of their message and what they represent.

I was so excited to be able to review the Purple Positivity Bracelet from Alexa's Angels. This is a pretty, simple bracelet that has a great message.

When I received the package from Alexa's Angels, I immediately loved the care that went into sending me my bracelet. This was the first thing I saw when I opened the box.

Alexa's Angels Positivity Bracelet Review

The packaging was beautiful and assembled with care - there was no throwing things into a box and shipping it out!

Alexa's Angels Positivity Bracelet Review

The tag says, "We are all angels with only one wing - we can fly only embracing each other." That is a sweet thought - we are strongest and most fulfilled when we are helping and blessing others!

After I unwrapped the tissue paper, there was even more beautiful and careful packaging!

Alexa's Angels Positivity Bracelet Review

The little box was nestled in the paper to keep it protected. I just loved how careful the employees at Alexa's Angels were!

But don't worry! This post will not be all about the packaging. I love what's inside too! :)

Alexa's Angels Positivity Bracelet Review

Inside the box is a little organza bag, and inside that was my bracelet!

This bracelet is so simple, but so pretty. I love how just one word can remind me to change my outlook for the whole day. It is so important to have a positive outlook on life and see the good in every situation! Every failure, disappointment, success, and happiness can teach you something. It might not always be what you want, but we can still learn from the good times and the bad. Positivity is important!

The "front" of the bracelet, which is the side I have facing out just says "positivity", while the back has the address of the website Share Your Positivity. There are posts here from people all over the country sharing how they are living a positive life and how their bracelets remind them of that. It is an encouraging website to read through and see the positive quotes, stories, and messages.

Sorry for the blurry picture - my camera wouldn't focus on the words! ☺

I love the feel of my Positivity bracelet; it is elastic like a hair tie, so it slips on easily and once it is on you really don't feel that it is there. I can just glance down at it throughout the day and be reminded to Be Positive, even when it's hard!

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Be sure to pick up your own Positivity Bracelet here! Alexa's Angels also has a variety of other products including bracelets, necklaces, clothing, cancer support jewelry and pins, handbags, and scarves, just to name a few! Check out all the items here.

I really love my Positivity bracelet, and I want to give you a chance to win one as well! I have a giveaway coming very soon, so stay tuned!

As mentioned earlier, I was provided this bracelet at no charge. However, all opinions presented are my own.



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